Sustainability at Mundoplant and its TÜV tested "Active Plant Pot" system



One of the great challenges of the future is to build a sustainable economy that is careful with the given resources.

This results in a new ethics claim that we are committed to at Mundoplant.

Mundoplant defining attributes:

  • Pollutants are not stored and do not have to be removed in further steps from the filter materials and do not need to be processed, recycled or disposed of.
  • In the Active Plant Pot System pollutants from the indoor air are absorbed through the Stomatas of the functional plants (Active Plant), metabolized by the plants organism and passed through the roots into the roots surrounding soil (Active Soil). Here pollutants were split up by microorganisms into food for the functional plant. The functional plant needs no further "external food" and certainly no artificial fertilizer.
  • The basic functional scheme of pollutant decomposition by plants, which was developed by nature over millions of years, has been recreated, further developed and adapted for highly effective indoor use, for the reduction of indoor smog.



Biomimicry and Biocybernetics:

  • The fundamental scheme of pollution reduction developed by nature in millions of years has been recreated and further developed and adapted for the highly effective use to reduce Indoorsmog.
  • Effective degradation of pollutants and pathogens in the respiratory air mitigates and prevents illnesses, promotes health prevention, reduces sick leave, which leads to a reduction in the use of pharmaceutical products and reduces the burden on medical facilities and the resulting consequences.
  • Using the patented and TÜV-tested "Active Plant Pot System / UVC", which kills germs, viruses and bacteria in the air, the use of highly aggressive chemicals in cleaning products can be effectively reduced. These chemicals cause resistance to germs, viruses and bacteria and are becoming a problem rather than a cure.
  • The "Active Plant Pot" as a system component is additionally produced from a plastic granulate based on renewable raw materials which is compostable.
  • Reuse instead of throwing away. Through the possibility to rent Mundoplant products, the durability of 90% of the hardware is more than 20 years, the remaining 10% will be recycled in a closed system. All organic components such as Active Plant and Active Soil will be composted and form the basis for new organic components.
  • Mundoplant products are transported to the consumer in reusable boxes, consisting of timber from sustainable forestry.

The sustainable cycle