Mundoplant – Green Tech Solutions for Health & Clean Environment



Nature enhanced by Clean Technology.

One of the great challenges of our time is "Clean Breathing Air"

Mundoplant GmbH covers the following business areas:

  • Development, production and distribution of biocybernetic air purification systems
  • Research and development of solutions in the field of interaction of environmental toxins and multidrug-resistant agents on the human immune system with the consequences of allergy, mood disorders and serious diseases
  • Development of new workplace and home design
  • Information support for integral building management with direct intervention options for air management in building units

Core competencies of Mundoplant GmbH are:

  • Constant product development
  • High quality and performance of products and processes
  • Network of selected cooperation partners
  • High customer orientation
  • Modern and reliable logistics
  • Knowledge advantage and competence leadership

We guarantee our customers certified quality of products and corresponding services, as well as a consistent sustainability concept that will not sweep anything under the carpet.

Biophilia + Biomimicry science-based Solutions!

We developed a "Biocybernetic Air Purification System" within the framework of the young science discipline "Biomimicry".

Biomimicry is a young scientific discipline that takes advantage of nature's solutions for today's reality.

Biological cybernetics is the science that deals with control and regulation processes in organisms and ecosystems.

Mundoplant systems ensure clean air indoors for a healthy environment.

Mundoplant stands for:

  1. Clean breathing air
  2. Health and health prevention
  3. Clean Tech, Green Tech and Biophilia
  4. New workplace design and integrated facility management
  5. Medical engineering (med-tech) for hospitals, doctors offices, nursing homes and fitness centres
  6. Air purification systems for private households and individual mobility

Mundoplants patented products achieve efficiencies previously not available in the field of indoor air enhancement, due to a unique combination of organic/electro-mechanical components, biochemical and physical processes.

Biophilia, the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.

Biophilia - working and living worlds in upheaval!

We are the ”Indoor Generation”

Corporate health management through clean breathing air at workplaces!

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers, it is as easy as that!
Bill Gates

In attracting the best, most innovative, and most capable people in competition with other companies, the individuals in charge need to position their businesses in a real and effective way so that job quality is clearly visible and a criterion for decisions.

Human resources as key factor for business success

A healthier life style provided by clean indoor air!

Diseases caused by germs, viruses and bacteria must be prevented by pathogens not even getting into the organism!

We offer solutions for that!

Mundoplant developed multifunctional air purification systems as an application in "green medical technology".

Mundoplant systems are complementary to disinfection systems in hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, etc. reaching their limits of effectiveness due to multiresistant pathogens in particular and common germs, viruses and bacteria in general.

Mundoplant air purification systems are highly efficient, have low running costs and are environment friendly.

Nature enhanced by technology!

We value the highest environmental standards that provide employees with a healthy, "ecologically valuable" workplace. We create an environment in which performance is fun, at work as well as at home.

We preserve resources.

Sustainability, corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness are integral parts of Mundoplant's business activities.

Moral and ethical integrity must be credible and will underpin the future economically successful business models and companies.

Responsibility for health, well-being and a positive future in the context of sustainable management and the use of resources.

„Corporate Social Responsibility" is the task and obligation of every sustainable based company.

Nature + Technology - an unbeatable combination in efficiency