Active indoor air management is a keystone for workplace health management and for changes in workplace design.

In Companies

We are experiencing significant upheavals in modern workplace design. Increasing demands on planners, by companies and their employees considering the needs of employees, while maintaining efficient work processes.

Functional, flexible solutions are needed, with nature-related approaches (Biophilia), health prevention services plus motivational and performance support.
All the above mentioned will be supplied by Mundoplant products.

In advertising for the best, most innovative and most capable employees in competition with other companies, persons in charge must position their companies in a way that workplace quality is clearly recognizable as decision criterion of new employees.

„Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers, it is as easy as that!“

Bill Gates
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Facility Management

Active indoor air management is one of the urgent tasks of facility management, which in turn is the basis for corporate health management and coping with changes in the new workplace design.

Indoor air quality

Air pollutants are changes in the natural composition of the air, especially due to gases and aerosols.

The term "air quality" describes the nature of the air in terms of the proportion of air pollutants. If an air contaminant can cause a harmful environmental impact, it is called an air pollutant.

In public perception, indoor air quality plays a key role in terms of individual well-being and health.

The scientific debate on indoor air quality stimulated the development of European and international standards, which are now implemented worldwide by national rule setters.


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Doctor’s offices, hospitals and care facilities

Waiting rooms in doctors' offices are no safe places, especially at times when influenza and gastrointestinal diseases attack epidemic-like on the population. People who come to see the doctor because of their own complaints are posing a great risk of infection (e.g. Influenza virus or Norovirus).

Applications of Mundoplant systems are initiated by e. g. cost reduction oriented public health insurances, as well as private patients targeted services and the doctor's offices themselves.

Problem of medical practices as illness incubator in their waiting and stay zones.

Who goes to the doctor with the symptoms "X" to get infected with the disease "Y"?

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Public authorities

Influenza viruses cost hundreds of thousands of lives each year. The spread of viruses via airborne droplets, which then enter the human body via mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, mouth or eyes, is very high in public places. Offices, buses or waiting rooms quickly become real danger zones for health and there is little to do about it.

With UVC light, not only influenza viruses, but also tuberculosis pathogens, Norovirus and the multidrug-resistant hospital germ Staphylococcus aureus will be killed.

Private households

Effective width and intensity of Mundoplant systems is interesting for families or people who are sensitive or already burdened with health issues.

For people who have developed a sense of responsibility, for the environment, their living and working space and have a sense of sustainability.

Who does not want to protect his children, his family, his pets, himself?

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Fitness Center

The spread of germs, viruses and bacteria, especially in a limited space is a significant health problem especially in cases of increased physical activity.

Who wants to go to a fitness center to get sick?

Functional plants in combination with an UVC light - increase the O² content in indoor air and reduce viruses, germs and bacteria to lessen the risk of infections.

Especially with an increased physical activity that goes together with higher respiratory frequencies the burden of our organism by outgassing toxins (VOC) should be considered.

Normally, a person breathes in and out 15 times a minute. In deep sleep it's a few breaths less. During exercise, the respiratory rate can increase to more than 50 times.


  1. More human exhalations will be released into the surrounding room air and already infected people increase the number of airborne pathogens.
  2. An increased respiration rate due to sports activity means high-intensity exhalation and an increased release of pathogens at the same time. Due to higher inhalation rates they will be picked up faster. Viruses and Bacteria spread out into the air to enter other organisms with a significantly high risk of falling ill.

Biophilia in fitness centres through Mundoplant products.

The combination of nature and technology goes hand in hand with health and sports.